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The best place to start your search is on my home search portal here.  You can create your own custom searches and save properties you like, make notes on the ones you like or don't like, and when you're ready, we can discuss your needs then share information online.  I will be able to highlight homes that I feel meet your needs which may not have come up in your search for whatever reason.  You start your search at your leisure, I help you finish it when you're ready by bringing my years of experience in real estate and my decades of experience in database searches.

...it's the best of both worlds.

Many people buying in today's market don't realize that the search tools offered to the general public on many websites are limited so you can't clearly define a search that will give you only the homes that match your true criteria.  The results of your search provide too many homes that don't meet your criteria which means you spend more time looking through rejects.  Worse yet, many of the "national" websites you see are all pulling data from the same source, so you spend more time looking at duplicates that you've already passed over on another site.  Yes, it's fun to look at house listings, but it doesn't get you any closer to the goal--finding the right home for you!  My search saves you time by not overloading you with homes that wouldn't meet your criteria.

I have more experience at searching databases--over two decades!  Because I have designed databases, I understand how to search them better than most real estate agents.  Even with the same tools, I can produce better results because I understand the inner workings of the database and I can create more complex searches to save you time and zero in on the best house for your needs.  Isn't that what it's about?  Finding the best home for you (before someone else gets it.)  Once we've found your new home, I'll use my experience in contract negotiation to represent your interests and get the price and terms that are best for you.

Better data and better search tools mean better results for you.

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