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General Criteria for Properties I Manage -  

  • You can download or fill in the application online - easy, fast, legible - and print.
  • Good Credit Required, No Section 8 or Navy Set-Aside, Each applicant must have sufficient income to afford the rent.
  • Each Resident over 18 Must Submit Application and be On the Lease. 
  • Pet Restrictions Apply - some properties allow pets with additional deposit or rent, others have restrictions on type and quantity of pets allowed.  If you have a pet or intend to have a pet, be sure to disclose that information.
  • Complete Tenant Screening Guidelines.

Additional Criteria for Most Rental Properties

  • Be Prepared to Apply - if you see a property you are interested in, acting fast may make the difference in getting it or not.  Application fees vary and must usually be paid by money order or cashier's check.
  • Be Prepared to Sign a Lease - if you are approved for a rental property, be prepared to sign a lease and pay the deposit.  Properties are generally not taken off the market until a lease has been signed and the deposit paid.  Deposits must generally be paid by money order or certified check.  Don't risk losing the perfect property by reacting too slowly when you've been approved.
  • Renters Insurance Required - many properties require tenants to carry renters insurance.  If you are unsure, be certain to ask before applying.
  • Plan Ahead - most properties are advertised a few months before they are available.  To have the best selection, it's always a good idea to start your search at least 60 days before you expect to move in.

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